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Iain Gillott, iGR Research

Before founding iGR, Mr. Gillott was a Group Vice President in IDC's Telecommunications practice, managing IDC's worldwide research on wireless and mobile communications and Internet access, telecom brands, residential and small business telecommunications and telecom billing services.

Earl Lum, EJL Wireless Research

An electrical engineer by training, Mr. Lum worked in Silicon Valley before joining Gartner Group as a senior analyst and then spending almost 10 years on Wall Street as a securities analyst following semiconductor companies and wireless equipment vendors. In 2006, Mr. Lum founded EJL Wireless Research. 

Joe Madden, Mobile Experts

Mr. Madden is a 30-year wireless industry veteran who has worked at Avago Technologies (now Broadcom), Spectrian and Rockwell Science Center. He holds a Physics degree from UCLA and says that he still obeys the laws of physics despite learning about economics at Stanford. Mr. Madden founded Mobile Experts in 2006.


Martha DeGrasse

Martha DeGrasse has worked in business news media for 16 years, most recently as an editor for RCR Wireless News. She is the author of 20 in-depth reports and 2,500 articles on telecom companies and wireless technologies. 


Twitter : @mardegrasse 

Network Builder Reports

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