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Senet mounts IoT challenge to mobile operators

IoT network operator Senet plans to build hundreds of sites nationwide to help companies connect assets and equipment to the internet. Senet's uses the long-range radio (LoRa) protocol to connect devices in unlicensed spectrum. The company offers its customers a cloud-based device management and global roaming on LoRa networks.

Senet's network is a direct challenge to mobile network operators, who are counting on LTE-M and narrowband IoT to enable their customers to connect sensors and actuators directly to cellular networks.

“There is an IoT land grab taking place among network operators ... and the first to market have the most to gain," said Senet CEO Bruce Chatterley.

Chatterley, who joined Senet earlier this year, has a background in cellular as well as in cloud services. His resume includes stints at Clearwire, US West, Colt and Layered Technologies.

Chatterley knows his company will compete with the wireless carriers, but he also hopes to cooperate. Senet would like to sell its radios to mobile network operators, who could deploy them on existing towers and then market IoT connectivity in unlicensed spectrum.

Senet will also definitely go head-to-head with the mobile operators in the smart city space. The company is marketing its solution to municipalities and utilities, the same groups AT&T is targeting with its smart city sensors.

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