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Small Cells

New: Outdoor Small Cell Market Forecast: 2017 - 2022 (Published June 2018)

iGR's new market study that presents a total addressable market forecast and an “actual” forecast for U.S. outdoor small cells, which include metrocells, remote radio heads as small cells and outdoor DAS.  The study also includes a forecast for capital expenditures (capex or network spending) and operational spending (OpEx) on actual small cell deployments.




CBRS market forecast

This report profiles more than 30 CBRS vendors and projects installed CBRS nodes through 2022. It also explains spectrum sharing, mobile network architecture, and CBRS business models. Report produced by iGR Research.





Internet of Things

IoT Devices: The big picture

This five-year IoT forecast compiles all of Mobile Experts' surveys in multiple vertical markets and across all 65 IoT connecitivity formats, to show the overall view of IoT trends.

In particular, this report shows the rise of enterprise IoT requirements and how long range, mobility, data speed, and cost play roles.






Towers and tower equipment

Global Macrocell Baseband Unit Market Analysis and Forecast through 2022

Comprehensive analysis for the global digital baseband unit (BBU) market. This report covers the global market share for 2017 shipments as well as a forecast for 2018-2022. Shipments by manufacturer, geographic region, frequency cluster, and air interface. Report produced by EJL Wireless Research.






Global BTS antenna market analysis and forecast

The definitive guide to base transceiver station antennas for wireless networks. This primary research includes antenna design analysis, in-depth forecasting of antenna trends, and geographic demand data, as well as market share by revenue and by shipments for 19 leading global antenna vendors. Report produced by EJL Wireless Research.






Global Macrocell Remote Radio Unit/Antenna Radio Unit Forecast through 2022

This report explains how carrier spending trends and the shift to new technologies will impact demand for remote radio units and antenna radio systems. EJL Wireless Research leverages proprietary forecast models and relationships to predict market share for the major vendors of network radio equipment: Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE. 



Network Builder Reports works directly with the leading analysts covering communications infrastructure. Report purchasers are able to schedule follow-up calls with analysts and/or with Network Builder Reports.

If you don't see what you need in our catalog, email us at, and we will try to find it for you.


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