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Smart Cities A List

The Smart Cities A List from Compass Intelligence ranks companies that provide products and services related to urban design and technology, such as networked systems, intelligent infrastructure, enhanced governance, and an overall capacity to continually improve citizens' experiences.  



“From Smart Homes to Smart Nations, recent technological advancements and ambitious partnerships are marking seemingly far-off futuristic urban innovations a reality, dramatically changing how citizens, companies, and governments interact. These digital communities and cities are looking for an improved user experience—instant access to services, better routing of traffic, improved safety through real-time information, and, more generally, the use of technology to improve daily life and enhance urban sustainability in every sense of the word,” says Jarrod Russell, Senior Analyst. “By 2020, the Global Smart Cities Market will climb to $1.4 trillion, with the industry rapidly evolving to integrate technology into infrastructure, mobility, surveillance and security, lighting and access control, and other community-oriented areas.”



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Methodology Score and Point Details: Smart Cities

Vendor Metrics (Total of 35 pts)

Revenue or IoT Revenue (or Range) Acquisitions
Merger & Acquisition Potential Employee or Resources

Smart City Staffing Years in Business

Product and Client Metrics (Total of 35 pts)

Product Portfolio Strength Smart City Landing Page Product Offerings Innovation Level

Client Successes
Market Reach & Awareness

Brand Strength 

Economic Metrics (Total of 20 pts)

Market Breadth Addressable Market Forbes Rank
Market Cap

Other (Total 20 pts)

News Reach and Activity Collaboration and Partner Activity Partner Brand Strength
Smart City Council Involvement

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